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About Us

We, Rmarketexchange, provide an online marketplace for accredited investors to purchase restricted shares. We maintain a database for private companies’shareholders to list information and prices of their shares while accredited investors can search and invest in these shares. Our database contains investors and company shares from all over the world, especially in China, Hong Kong and the United State. Join us to participate in ourmarketplace.


Expert support – Our specialists are experienced in transactions of restricted shares. Especially we have the know-how in cross-regional transactions involving parties from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, U.S., U.K., Africa and many other countries.

Privacy and Security – with protected log-in, you control access to the secure marketplace environment. Participants including buyers and sellers in the marketplace are all preliminarily scrutinized and invited by us.

Firstly contact us and our specialist will contact you back to describe our services to you in more details. Join us to obtain the right to log into our database where you can list your shares for sale and browse a list of shares in various categories. Categories of shares include:

·      Limited partnerships
·      Electronics
·      Industrial
·      Financial
·      Media / Entertainment
·      Software
·      Others

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